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Heraldry questions (short!) (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> I have a couple of questions about heraldry.  If one of the gentles here
> could tell me the address of the heralds mailing list, I could post them
> there with a request for a private response (since I'm not on that
> list). 

You've got a variety of choices, actually. If you've got access
to Usenet, alt.heraldry.sca is a possibility. If you don't have
access to it, the Academy of Saint Gabriel and SCAHRLDS are more
or less what you've got left. 

Which to choose? It really depends on the questions you've got.
The Academy primarily deals with name and arms consulting, and
seeks to come up with well-documented names and high-quality
arms. SCAHRLDS is a much more...motley group.

The Academy of Saint Gabriel can be reached at:

SCAHRLDS can be reached at: SCAHRLDS@listserv.aol.com

> This is not to say that the recent discussions about heraldry haven't
> been interesting, but for some reasons heralds like to talk about
> heraldry (surprise).  Since these questions tend to generate a lot of
> responses, I thought to avoid clogging the tavern with more technical
> details, I'd go somewhere where the heralds hang out and ask them there.

Actually, the more people know about it, the less it will seem
like a black art. Throughout most of the Middle Ages, most people
of the upper class-and not just a few from the middle class,
either-were reasonably familiar with heraldry.

Pedro de Alcazar, AoA
Barony of Storvik, Atlantia
Pursuivant Extraordinary and Junior Minion
Or, six Castles Vert within a Bordure Gules Bezantty

Craig Levin
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