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Graduate Schools

Poster: jlarson@vt.edu (Jennifer Larson)


My name is Jennifer Larson and I live in Black Diamond, Atlantia and attend
university at Virginia Tech.  I am concentrating on Medieval&Renaissance
Studies, Classical Studies, and Humanities, and was very distressed to learn
that Tech does not offer graduate programs in these areas.  As a junior I am
trying to figure out where I'd like to get my masters, and I had been hoping
to stay at tech.  I would sincerely appreciate any information or help you
good gentles could offer on graduate programs on the above topics.  I am
thinking of spending some time in Wales studying pre and post Romanic
Britain but that is awfully expensive!

Many thanks,
                Jennifer Elizabeth Larson
*Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness- Old Chinese proverb*
Some men see things as they are 
and ask why. 
Others dream things that never were 
and ask why not.
       -George Bernard Shaw

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