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Highland River Melees Thanks

Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>

To the patrons of the Merry Rose does Lady Kofryna the Goatherd, Seneschal
of Highland Foorde send greetings,

Id like to take the time to thank all of those members who helped to make
Highland River Melees a great success this past weekend.  We had one of the
largest crowds ever, with about 300 gentles in attendance, approximately 60
fighters,  27 archers, 10 rapier participants, and 160 on-board at feast.
All of this was exceptional given the oppressive heat. 

Special thanks to our autocrat, Lord Adam of Erin, for his hard work and
diligence with the preparations that hes been working on for over a year.
Also, Id like to thank our marshals  Lord Konrad der ruhige Br (heavy),
Lord Gregoire de Conteville (Rapier), and Lord Lorenzo il Confuso (Archery)
. Their efforts helped  to make their marshal activities most successful.
Also, Id like to recognize Master Daniel of Rutland for organizing the A&S
pavillion and Lady Anjuli McDonald for her work on the play she wrote
called "Is Winter Worthy?" These activities helped to make our event very
festive.  Baron Damon Argent should also be commended for his wonderful
feast, and the dramatic display of the "roasted beast".  Also, ee were very
fortunate to have the Gummers Inn serve a mid-day meal and cold drinks to
get us through the day.  Their efforts were most appreciated, and we hope
they return next year.   Id also like to thank the many members of
Highland Foorde who assisted in all of the various areas to make our event
so successful.  It wouldnt have worked without your help!

Finally,  Id like to thank Their Majesties for gracing our fine shire with
Their visit. It was a pleasure and an honor to have Them attend our event.

And in conclusion, Id like to congratulate those members of Highland
Foorde who were rewarded at HRM for their service to the group and the
Kingdom of Atlantia:  Lord Adam of Erin,  Lord Lorenzo il Confuso,  Lady
Rosamund du Grasse, Lady Anjuli McDonald, Sir Xenophon Vaughn,  and
Baroness Rhiall of Wystanesdon, (known as Wrynne).  We are very proud of
your achievements, and the honor you bring to our fine shire.

Thank you to the many patrons of the Merry Rose who attended our event. We
look forward to seeing you next year.

In service,

Kofryna the Goatherd

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