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[EK] Unique event in Newfoundland (long)

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

>To: sca-east@world.std.com
>From: augment@world.std.com (Michael Bergman)
>Subject: [EK] Unique event in Newfoundland (long)
>Date: Thu, 12 Jun 97 19:09:04 +0000
>-Poster: augment@world.std.com (Michael Bergman)
>Alright folks, here's the chance of a lifetime -- several lifetimes,
>actually.  It's the 500th anniversary of John Cabot's landfall in North
>America on  the caravelle Matthew, and Canada is celebrating that event in
>a style which SCAers should all find somewhat familiar. How would you like
>to spend the July 4 holiday week in Newfoundland? Read on.
>How many times do you have the opportunity to eat 15th century food (wait,
>keep reading) with a bunch of people wearing 15th century clothes (no,
>*really*, keep reading!) while being entertained by 15th century
>entertainers (KEEP READING!!!) ON BOARD A 15th CENTURY SHIP?  That's right,
>they've built a replica of the Matthew and it will be circumnavigating
>Newfoundland this summer. There's a HUGE celebration going on over, around,
>and in it, including morris dancing at dawn at the easternmost point in
>North America on Canada Day (Canada's sort-of-Fourth-of-July). Some
>CABOT HISTORY . (All tourist info taken from the Cabot 500 website at
>http://www.cabot500.nf.ca/default.htm. Check here for LOTS more
>   "In 1497, King Henry VII commissioned Giovanni  Caboto, an Italian
>  sailor, to sail west and claim new lands  for England. The voyage led to an
>  unexpected new land -  not the Far East, as Caboto had hoped, but the
>  eastern  coast of an immense continent. Giovanni Caboto would  go down
>  in history as John Cabot, the explorer who  claimed the New Founde Land
>  for a British King.
>    John Cabot sailed to "New Founde Lande" on the  Matthew, a classic 15th
>  century caravelle. A replica of  the Matthew was built in Bristol, England,
>  using  shipbuilding techniques true to the 15 century.
>    The History of Newfoundland and Labrador is the focal  point of
>  celebration through 1997. Cabot Tower, constructed for the 400th
>  anniversary of John Cabot's  voyage, is a treasured National Historic
>  Site.
>    The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador  established the John
>  Cabot 500th Anniversary  Celebration to plan, organize and oversee
>  events marking  the 500th anniversary of John Cabot's voyage to the
>  New  World. The Celebration has a specific mandate to develop  a calendar
>  of national and international calibre events.
>    The Celebration anticipates an additional 60,000 people  will visit
>  Newfoundland and Labrador in 1997. This is a  unique event in
>  Newfoundland and Labrador's history, and is the only event of this
>  magnitude planned for 1997 anywhere in Canada."
>Lynn Noel, sea musician, living history researcher, former Parks Canada
>naturalist (at Gros Morne National Park) and longtime friend of
>Newfoundland, is looking for folks to hell-ride up to St. John's and join
>in the celebrations.  The exact schedule will depend on who signs on for
>the trip, but here's a draft itinerary.  NOTE: Departure times are flexible
>depending on ferry schedules. The latest possible ferry to catch the Canada
>Day festivities is 11:30 pm Sunday, June 29, which involves leaving Boston
>concert of the King's Singers with a 650-voice choir, back this up to 5 pm
>Thursday, June 26 or Saturday, June 28 (see NOTE) Depart Boston to
>Endewearde (NH/ME) and Sydney, NS (850 mi, approx 18 hours drive time).
>Ferry from Sydney , NS to Argentia OR Port-aux-Basques, NFLD. Drive from
>Argentia to St. John's (4-6 hours) OR from Port-aux-Basques to St. John's
>(10 hours). Camp en route. NOTICE: Ferry schedules are the issue here. The
>Argentia ferry leaves at 7 am  and arrives at 9 pm MWF ONLY so we would
>have to leave Boston on Thursday morning and drive straight through. It is
>a 14-hour crossing (with GREAT pelagic birding!) and costs $118 each way.
>The Port-aux-Basques ferry leaves 3x daily and is a 6-hour crossing, but
>requires you drive 10 hours across the island of Newfoundland (which is
>spectacular). This ferry is $59 each way but costs more in gas, so it comes
>out even.
>(optional) Sunday June 29  arrive St. John's for VOICES 500 CONCERT Grande
>Finale Concert 8 p.m. St. John's Memorial Stadium. The King's Singers from
>England in a retrospective of choral music from 1497 - 1997. A 600-voice
>adult massed choir in Carl Orff's CARMINA BURANA with the Newfoundland and
>Windsor Symphony Orchestras, conducted by Bramwell Tovey, plus a 350-voice
>massed youth choir with the Festival Orchestra conducted by Doreen Rao in
>CROSSINGS by Gary Kulesha. Tickets: A section $30, B section $25 ,Child A
>or B  $20
>Monday, June 30 Free day in St. John's (see
>http://www.mun.ca/nfld/st-john's.html for more information)
>Tuesday, July 1 CANADA  DAY CELEBRATIONS Dance in the dawn with the Toronto
>Morris Men and watch the Matthew sail into a spectacular natural harbour
>from Signal Hill! Then take in the celebrations dockside and/or go
>pubsinging with the morris dancers and local musicians. There are street
>theatre possibilities and/or English or Italian garb is encouraged. Public
>boardings of the Matthew 10-6 daily; Lynn has friends in St. John's that
>may help with getting "backstage."
>"The capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador is also one of the oldest
>Europea settlements on the continent. A spectacular natural amphitheatre
>formed by the harbour will be the setting on Canada's national day as
>dignitories assemble July 1s Historic Signal Hill, the site of the first
>Trans Atlantic wireless transmission will be the vantage point to witness
>the modest but mighty ship make her way through the Narrows. Thousands of
>people will come to the waterfront to celebrate Canada Day and tour the
>Matthew. For six days, the vessel will be the focal point of a carnival of
>special events held on the harbour apron and St. John's historic downtown.
>Businesses, shops, restaurants and pubs will feature Italian and British
>themes and highlight our historic, commercial and cultural links. Symphony,
>choir, drama and dance performances will be held dockside."
>Wednesday-Thursday, July 2-3 TERRA NOVA NATIONAL PARK Continue on with Lynn
>to Canada's easternmost National Park for a tour of Newfoundland's natural
>areas and a special concert by Lynn at Terra Nova Thursday evening on the
>history and future of the North Atlantic fishery. Or stay in St. John's for
>more Cabot 500 events; your choice. (Van will go to Terra Nova; public
>transport and local buses are available).
>Friday, July 4 MATTHEW GALA Return to St. John's four-star Hotel
>Newfoundland for a gala evening of traditional medieval fare and
>entertainment. Executive Chef Giles Stonehouse and pastry Sous Chef of the
>Swallow Royal Hotel, Bristol, England exchange their talents with Hotel
>Newfoundland Executive Chef Steve Watson and pastry Sous Chef Boyd Hancock.
>Entertainment highlights include a special presentation by the Rising Tide
>Theatre (featuring Jim Payne, who headlined at Mystic in 1995) and dancing
>to the accompaniment of the Commanders Orchestra. Complimentary cocktail
>reception provided by Hotel Newfoundland. Costume, Black Tie, or  business
>attire. Sponsored by Friends and Lobbyists of the Waterford RIver, Quidi
>Vidi Rennies River Development Foundation, St. John's Harbour ACAP,
>Virginia River Conservation Society.
>Saturday, July 5 or Sunday, July 6 Return to Boston as above, arriving
>Monday or Tuesday depending on ferries and group schedules.
>LOGISTICS Transportation (mileage plus ferries roundtrip) is approx.
>$100/person assuming a full van of10 people (higher if fewer go; mimimum is
>4 people at $250 each).  The feast itself costs $65 USD and the concert $20
>USD; the rest of the activities are free or cheap. Camping is available at
>all sites for about $7/night US per person; B&Bs and hostels are available
>but may be booked up. Meals will be handled communally and cheaply based on
>group tastes. Drivers are especially wanted, but anyone can sign on.  The
>more that go, the lower the cost of transportation. Folks that live along
>the way, and could thus leap into the car at 8 in the morning having slept
>all night instead of driving all night are *especially* desirable! If
>interested, contact me (Michael Bergman) for further details or Lynn Noel,
>at: Lynn.E.Noel@Dartmouth.EDU

James and/or Nancy Gilly


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