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Schedule of Classes for Heralds & Scribes Symposium

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

For those interested, the schedule and class descriptions for the Heralds &
Scribes Symposium (July 19th in Hindscroft) follows:

Rhiannon, Triton

9 am:

Site opens

10 am:

-Room 1 - Consultation table opens
-Room 2 - Overview of calligraphy - Genevieve d'Evereaux - Discussion of
various hands and spacing of letters in various hands
-Room 3 - Canting Arms - Tristan d'Marquez, Aire Faulcon pursuivant
extraordinary - Heraldic design which depicts the elements of your name
-Room 4 - Designing an SCA name - Rhiannon ui Neill, Triton Principal Herald
- How do those Rules for Submission work?  We will go over the ones
pertaining to names and give examples so you can see exactly what works and
what doesn't.

11 am:

-Room 1 - Consultation table cont.
-Room 2 - Beginning scroll design and illumination - Luisa O'Reilly - Basic
scroll layout and illumination techniques
-Room 3 - Armorial Style - Master Herveus d' Ormonde, Golden Dolphin Herald
- What is medieval style and how does one design armory for use in the SCA
-Room 4 - The Order of Precedence - Rhiannon ui Neill, Triton Principal
Herald - An overview of what the OP is, how awards are catalogued, ranking
and problems with maintaining the OP

12 noon:        

Lunch - Hey, there's a tavern running, you know!!!

1 pm:

-Room 1 - Consultation table cont.
-Room 2 - The Scroll Process - Rebecca the Contrary, Clerk Signet - How a
promissory becomes a scroll.  Discussion of the scroll process as it
currently stands and possible changes, additions.  Private commissions and
pitfalls to avoid.
-Room 3 - Heraldic Beasties - Eldred Aelfweld, Gordian Knot Pursuivant -
Statant, Rampant, Couchant, Tergiant...  What does it all mean?  And what is
the default position for a turtle?
-Room 4 - Vocal Survival - Master Bran Trefonnen, Sea Stag Herald - Training
on how to survive an entire day of vocal heraldry.  Tricks to improve
projection, being heard over a crowd and proper etiquette of a vocal herald.

2 pm:

-Room 1 - Consultation table cont.
-Room 1 also - Open Scriptorium - Rebecca the Contrary, Clerk Signet -
practice those ideas you've been learning all morning.  One on one
instruction with the Clerk Signet.  Please do no purchase anything special
but bring supplies/books you already have to discuss them
-Room 2 - Doing Heraldic Demos for Children - Syr Christian Darmoody, Misty
Marsh Cornet - Been asked to do a demo for a school?  Or just want to have a
heraldic kids activity at your event?  Come find out what works when
explaining heraldry to kids.
-Room 3 - A History of Heralds and Heraldry - Baroness Eliska Aleksandrovna,
Sacred Stone Pursuivant - Hey, can't ya figure this one out from the name????
-Room 4 - Augmentations and Abatements of Honor - Pedro de Alcazar,
Pursuivant Extraordinary-at-large - A study of the historical uses of
augmentations and abatements in medieval heraldry

3 pm:

-Room 1 - Consultation table cont./Open Scriptorium cont.
-Room 2 - Heraldic Art for Non-Artists - Alanna of Volchevo Lesa, Partan
Pursuivant - Couldn't draw a straight line with a rule, much less a heraldic
beast rampant?  Alanna will show you how to construct lions and tygers and
bears (oh, my!) using simple geometric shapes
-Room 3 - Heraldry for Non-Heraldic Cultures - Baroness Eliska
Aleksandrovna, Sacred Stone Pursuivant - An overview of cultures, such as
Viking, which are perceived not to have developed systems of heraldry during
-Room 4 - Conflict Checking - Master Herveus d'Ormonde, Golden Dolphin
Herald - Now that you have Achbar ibn Bob's submission, what do you do with
it?  Herveus will explain good conflict checking techniques and what he
looks for when checking submissions during an LOI meeting.

4 pm:

-Room 1 - Consultaion table and Open Scriptorium winding down - will close
prior to 5:00 in order to provide space for roundtable discussion
-Room 2 - Surviving Court - Eldred Aelfweld, Gordian Knot Pursuivant - Holy
cow, Batman!  TRM's just asked you to herald Their court!!!  What you need
to know to do a good job.
-Room 3 - Heraldic Display - Master Bran Trefonnen, Sea Stag Herald - Oh,
boy!  My device has passed!  Now what can I do with it?  Hmmm.  Bran will
discuss the difference between arms and badges and various ways each can or
should be displayed.

5 pm:

- Room 1 - Roundtable discussion - Being a Group Herald - Rhiannon ui Neill,
Triton and Master Herveus d'Ormonde, Golden Dolphin - ALL heralds are
encouraged to attend.....

6 pm:

Site closes - GO HOME!!!  Or at least out to terrorize some restaurant...

Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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