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Angevin Fall Hunt (Event Flyer)

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@hearts.tez.net>

Unto the Merry Rose does Bryce de Byram (writing on Ld. Robin's account)
send greetings!Although it may be a bit premature here is the flyer for
Caer Mear's Angevin Fall Hunt. Make your plans now, it's going to be a


Angevin Fall Hunt
September 26-28, 1997

"And once he has entered the fray,
let each man of High Birth think of nothing
but the breaking of heads and arms;
for it is better to die,
than be vanquished and live..."
                                          - Betrand de Born, 12c

The Barony of Caer Mear invites you to celebration of the twelfth century
at this Angevin Fall Hunt. So put away your round shield, gothic plate, or
houppelaunde and pull out your chainmail, aketon, and blieut! Journey with
us back to the time of Richard the Lion-Heart, William Marshall, and
Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Like the Angevins, who ruled England, and most of France from 1154 to 1215,
Fall Hunt: (for aroured combat and duello) while away an hour as would a
noble from Anjou, Normandy, or England - Hunt the elusive beasts of the
Next, experience the hierarchy of feudal life with our 12c Melee Tourney:
Your rank will count on the field so knights, assemble your mesinees of
squires and sergeants for combat, glory and ransom.
Then end your fighting day the way a Anvegin king might... siege a vassal's
castle by engaging in Combat across the Barrier.
Prizes shall be awarded to the day's victors, as well as the best 12c
fighting harness.
Combat archers are encouraged to attend. Our day shall begin at 10:00 am,
with authorization.

S.W.A.T. (Spun, Warped, and Twisted) will host a 12c Fiber Arts Day.(works
in progess are encouraged)
Our A&S Competitions shall be:
12c garb accessory, (hosted by S.W.A.T.)
12c men's and women's garb, (worn during feast)
best poem written in a 12c style (troubabor,trouvere, andulisian, etc.)

A hearty Feast of the year's harvest, full of the bounty of the Hunt shall
be prepared once again by Lady Caitlin MacAlister. (Kay Jensen [804]
262-5509 ) Please reserve early as our hall is limited to 110. There is no
off-board space available in the hall; however, personal grills are
allowed, and maps to local eateries will be provided.

Afterwards, compete to be named "prince of the puy" in our 12c bardic
competition, or simply come listen to our circle. Rumour has it that the
Hunter's Horn may sound yet again(and again, and again), liken to Olifant,
as it did last year.(The site is discreetly wet.)

Costs:                $12.00 - on-board, camping
                          $10.00 - on-board only
                           $7.00 - off-board, camping only
                           $ 5.00 - day-trip (off-board, off-site)
Children are half price, and no parent shall pay for no more than two
please make checks payable to: The Barony of Caer Mear / SCA Inc.

THE MASTER OF THE HUNT: is THL Bryce de Byram. Reservation should be mailed
to him at:
                                                        Duane Moore
                                                        5515 Apt. D Pony
Farms Dr.
                                                        Richmond, Va 23227
                                                        (804) 329-0369

Our Site, Pocohantas State Park in Chesterfirld, Va has cabin camping only.
The site opens at 2:00 Pm on Friday the 26th and closes at 12:00 noon,
Sunday the 28th.

Take your best route to I-95, south of Richmond. Take Exit 62 (288 North).
Travel approximately 6 miles to the Rt. 10/ Ironbridge Road / Chesterfield
East exit. Travel 1.5 miles to the second stop light. Turn right onto Beach
Rd.Travel 4 miles to the park entrance on the right. Follow S.C.A. signs to
the Algonquian Ecology Camp. Troll is located in the small building next to
the parking lot.

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