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Crown Tourney Oct.31

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

Unto the populace of this fair Kingdom from Their Highnesses Logan and

This is a copy of a letter from Us which will be published in the next
Acorn regarding entrance into Our Crown List. We would like to tell you
where Crown Tourney will be held but We are still accepting bids at this


These letters must be Hard Copied (that means no e-mail) in Our hands by
October 27th.  If you wish verification that We have received your
letter simply include a self addressed stamped postcard which We will
stamp and mail back to you.  You can also request an e-mail verification
by putting your e-mail address on the bottom of your letter instead. 
Your letter must include SCA and mundane names and membership numbers
for both fighter and consort along with signatures.  PLEASE type or
print all information as it makes the whole process easier.  If you have
never written a letter of intent don't worry it's simple.  Include a
sentence that says something like "It is my wish to inform You of my
intent to enter Your Crown List to be held on Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd"  and
then include all of the aforementioned info.  There will be NO
exceptions to this.  No letter = No fight.  This info will be forwarded
to the Kingdom Seneschal and MOL for membership and fighter
authorization verification (as required).  Crown tourney will begin
around 3:30, all fighters and consort are requested to be present at
noon for a light lunch to be held on the field with Their (then)
Majesties.  The open heavy weapons and rapier tourneys will begin around
11:00 am and are open to anyone who is interested (format to be decided
then).  We encourage any and all who would like to participate to send
Us their letters of intent and come out to fight.

In service to Atlantia and all Her people
TRH Logan and Arielle
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