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[MR] Avoiding traps

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> As I said before, the original posting was thought provoking, but we 
> have to watch out for the trap of "A is a lot like B, therefore, A=B."
> A KSCA is not just like a black belt. Dragonfyr seems to
> understand this. But Alfredo, a lot of newbies do not, and we
> should not seem to be saying that in front of them.

Speaking of traps, I wish to present conundrum for your amusement.
Imagine an old stag, very wise and full of what the Beatles
called deer prudence, but without speech or prehensile limbs.
He has seen a human set a trap (let's say, a pit covered over
with branches and leaves) in the middle of a deer trail.
How can he prevent other cervines, especially fawns, from
falling into that trap?

-- Alfredo
Quis lavat ipsos lavatores?
Who will wash the washmen?

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