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Hi Kendrick,

Hi Kendrick,

I hope this gets to you somehow.

I talked to my source about the National Guard Armoury on Rt 234.  She 
said that the cost would be $2000.  There is a small kitchen.  There are 
two small bathrooms, and changing rooms whose windows we would have to 
cover to use.  There is plenty of room for fighting.  They have tables 
only enough to seat 200, though there is room for more.

My site source recommended a couple of alternatives.  There is Costello 
Park, which has a carpeted gym on one side and a kitchen and hall on the 
other.  That might be a little small for your needs.  If you are free on 
Friday, we are having a demo at the park, which is in Manassas Park, from 
12:00 until 7:00, when they have a very nice fireworks display.

My site source also suggested Weems High School as a possibility.  We 
should be able to get both Weems and Costello for free.

Call me if you have any questions.


Leifr Johansson