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Tavern: Bards

Poster: nan@dowco.com

Good Gentles of the Steps;
I have been sitting in the shadows witnessing the Tavern scene around
the Lady Bard, Tovah of Misty Isles and her faithful companion Tasha.
While contemplating the people going off the A/W war (which I cannot
attend, unfortunately), it occurred to me that bardic songs and poems
are written and sung about everyone but the Bards themselves. I set out
to remedy that situation.  Here is my humble attempt at poetry.  Enjoy.


The lute begins to play, the drum begins to beat
A clear voice rises o'er the din on the street.
The Bards are back from the war with tales full of glory,
We stop, breathless, to hear the wonders of the story.

But stop a moment more.  Bear this in mind.
The Bard is there for those left behind.
Bards tell of the deeds, bravely done at war
By warriors and the loved ones they fight for.

But on one has yet sung the praises of Bards!
Those "unsung heroes", who work so hard,
Putting together the music and verse
For those who stayed behind to watch, to nurse.

THe bardic telling of those heroic war deeds
Let the home-fire watchers imagine riders and steeds.
THe ones who stayed home for whatever reason
Can "remember" the heroes throughout the season.

Without our Bards, there would be no news
For the Steps, the Tavern, or even the Mews.
An so good Countryfolk, from far and near,
Raise a glass in a toast - "To the Bards of An Tir!"

Written with admiration by Lady Beth Dougall, headwoman of Clan Smith.

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