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Central Region Battalion events and other info (fwd)

Poster: Kirsten Niemann <kniemann@leo.vsla.edu>

According to Mike Dawson:
> From dawsonm@pop.mindspring.com Wed Jul  2 20:54:18 1997
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> Subject: Central Region Battalion events and other info
> Date: Wed, 2 Jul 97 20:44:01 -0000
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> From: Mike Dawson <dawsonm@mindspring.com>
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> Greetings good gentles.
> On Saturday, July 19, Caer Mear Baronial Birthday promises melees all day 
> long, with the scenarios depending on the number attending. The more the 
> merrier! I especially urge anyone who did not make it to Highland River 
> Melees or Northern Region War practice to attend this event. It will be 
> the only opportunity we will have to get together en masse before the war.
> At Northern Region War practice, I asked as many Northerners as possible 
> to come down on the 19th, so it should be a good turnout.
> Please see the Acorn for other Baronial Birthday details.
> I hope to see you there. Please forward this to any fighters in the 
> Central Region, and encourage others who lack email to come with you to 
> this event.
> Having received exactly z-e-r-o feedback and suggestions for symbology to 
> identify the central region unit, I make this final call: submit your 
> suggestions for a regional badge, or live with the one some of you have 
> seen me proposing. Lacking other suggestions, I will petition Their 
> Majesties for permission to register somthing like "Fieldless, a cog 
> wheel per pale azure and argent."
> For those who don't speak heraldese, that's a cog (or gear) that is blue 
> on the left and white on the right, as you look at it. 
> Why a cog wheel? Write back or ask me in person if you want to know. That 
> way, I'll know you care.
> I've had exactly two suggestions on a better name than "the central 
> region Battalion." I don't have an idea myself, but I personally think 
> there are problems with both of the suggestions. (One is waaaay out of 
> period and the other is period but not cool enough.)
> Please offer up your suggestions, or be content with having "CENTRAL!" 
> yelled at you all war.
> If you've gotten this message by having someone else forward it to you, 
> please respond to me at dawsonm@mindspring.com to be added to my email 
> list of Central Region fighters.
> Thanks for your time!
> Final note to the Merry Rose: REmember I do NOT subscribe to the list, so 
> please do not reply to this message on the list. Email me directly!
> Sir Corby


Kirsten Niemann
kniemann @leo.vsla.edu
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