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Re: You can ignore this. Its just efen again

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

That bard guy, Efenwealt Wystle writes:

> <humor starts>
> Central Regional Battalion?! With their own heraldry? Hmmmm. smells like 
> a Principality to me. hehehehe.
> (A large hand appears from nowhere and slaps the bard silly. No wait, 
> he's all ready silly. The hand slaps him sensless. DOH! OK the hand just 
> slaps him.)
> *smile*


You are really trolling for that OHC, aren't you.

*frown off*

The North-Central region, particularly Caer Mear, have most effectively 
embraced the reorganization of the Atlantian Army started by Duke Anton.  
They are organized in lances (though apparantly no archers), they have 
livery, and they have an effective command structure.  

In addition to that, Baron John Ironstone has mobilized an impressive 
levy from Black Diamond.  Either Tir-y-don or Marinus also has a body of 
archers, though sadly they didn't make it up to the Northern Region War 

Now if the four baronies and two (three) shires of the region want to 
have a common livery, common badge, and a name, that is hardly a cause 
for concern.  I think everyone should support it as much as they can.

Of course, it isn't my region, so I have not seen fit to make suggestions 
about names and badges.  If one wanted to be only evocative of the four 
baronies, I might suggest for a badge a dolphin affronty (heraldic) gules 
maintaining a sword and a trident sable on a lozenge Or.

But that is pretty complicated, and doesn't really note the shires' 
(Isenfir, Berly Court, and Drakken-whatever-they-are-this-week) 

In Service
Leifr Johansson
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