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Pavillion & other stuff for sale.....

Poster: anne carey <afcarey@norfolk.infi.net>


Upon this Saturday morning, the 12th of July (feast of St. John
Gualbert, abbot), Caer Carey will be having a yard sale.  What
distinguishes this sale, though, is that some items are of interest only
to SCAdians and other weirdos.  In particular:

        1) a Four-Seasons single-pole pavillion (13' high, 12' diameter
at head
level, 15' diameter at base).  White weather-treated canvas with green
trim.  Excellent shape.  $450.

        2) Two rope-mattress camp beds (far more comfortable than it
Only 12" high when set up, yet gets you off the wet/cold ground.  $5

        3) Lots of fabric.  Going at prices that make Anne Elizabeth
weep, but
Pascal is *determined* to get some garage space, dammit.

Granted, only those in the immediate vicinity might want to look at the
fabric, but if you're interested in either the tent or the beds, give us
an e-buzz and we'll see what we can arrange.

        Caer Carey is located in beautiful Marinus (Va Beach sector).
        Take I-64 to Hwy 44 eastbound.
        Take exit 5 (Lynnhaven Pkwy) southbound.
        Take the first left onto Potter Rd.
        At the 1st light, turn right onto London Bridge Rd.
        Due to construction, LBR is currently routed to Dam Neck.  Turn 
                left onto Dam Neck.
        Turn right back onto London Bridge Road.
        Go 1 mile and turn left at Pine Ridge.
        At the end of the road, do a left-right-left jog that deposits
you onto
                Grey Fox Dr.
        Take the 3rd right onto Glenmore Hunt Trail.
        Caer Carey is the 1st house on the right (2405).
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