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Re: You can ignore this. Its just efen again

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Fair THL Erica wrote:

> But Leifr, Efen is just showing his grasp of the situation.  We all know 
> the Known World Order has declared Atlantia to be a pricipality-free 
> zone, and that those who attempt to flout this commandment will be 
> severely suppressed (think Alice in Wonderland).

What a fascinating observation!  Is the roll of the KWO published, can we
know its companions?  It seems that I must know a least a few.  Those
people who so confidently state "there will never be a principality in
Atlantia" are obviously members.

It seems to me that the OHC and the KWO must naturally be antithecal (sp).
The first order holds that no concept or idea is not worthy of discussion,
the second that certain ideas can be declared "dead on arrival" by fiat of
some claimed authority (like the two generation Scadian who told me in my
first month that there would be no new kingdoms in the Society, that was
back when there were twelve, now there are thirteen, soon there will be
fifteen).  What would be the badge of the KWO?  A map of the Known World
on a roundel surronded by black chain?

<<<<vast and evil smile>>>>


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