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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Keilyn writes:

>but yes, the idea is no
>kegs (except sponsored by individuals), no alcoholic prizes from group
>money, no paying Terafan to brew us yummies, etc.  Individuals could
>continue to provide kegs/homebrew in public locations (as at the
>Lochmere lawn party, etc) but the money can't come out of group funds.

Maybe the policy should be worded along the lines of: "No SCA funds may be used
to purchase alcohol, or ingredients for a brewer to make alcohol.  The
exception is alcohol as a flavoring ingredient in cooking, such as cooking
wine or alcohol-based flavoring extracts.  This policy does not prohibit
private individuals from purchasing alcohol and bringing it to an event, nor
does it prohibit individuals offering privately purchased alcohol in public
at an SCA-sponsored event." or somesuch.

Caitlinn mentioned a park that only allows kegs.  Maybe folks in the group
could chip in personal funds to buy a keg.

Ditto for homebrew.  If folks chip in personal funds to buy ingredients,
then we could still have it at events.

I don't know if the SCA wants to mention checking IDs in what is essentially a
'bring it yourself don't bother us' policy.  But I've seen privately provided
alcohol just sitting at an event in a public place with no one around.  If it's
in a public place, and no one's checking IDs, I think that's a problem.

If there's a keg hanging around the feast hall, or at a party on the list field
that's part of the scheduled activities of an event, would the SCA run into
problems if there was no ID checking even if the keg was bought by private

Liability-wise, I (a non-lawyer) don't see much difference between Caer Mear
purchasing a keg with Barony funds and providing it at an SCA-sponsored feast
and Caer Mearians purchasing a keg with personal funds and providing it at an
SCA-sponsored feast.

        - Anarra
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