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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

As someone who was at the Board of Directors meeting where the policy
was decided upon,

> why did anyone feel that there was a need for an alcohol policy?  Has
> there been a problem?  Are we trying to fix something that isn't broken?

yes, there was concern for liability issues.  

> This sounds to me like the SCA is afraid someone will get drunk off of a
> keg provided at a feast, leave that night, kill someone on the drive
> home, and the SCA gets sued.

You're exactly right.
> I suppose it could happen... I just don't like "policy" guided by
> fear... I don't know why, but this proposed policy *really* raised my
> hackles...

But unfortunately it is an issue.  
> Does this mean that you can't offer a home-brewed cordial as tourney or
> contest prize...What about at an auction?

I think auctions were already a problem (check with your local
homebrewer on sale of home-brewed products!) but yes, the idea is no
kegs (except sponsored by individuals), no alcoholic prizes from group
money, no paying Terafan to brew us yummies, etc.  Individuals could
continue to provide kegs/homebrew in public locations (as at the
Lochmere lawn party, etc) but the money can't come out of group funds.  

Annara mentions fruit soup.  Face it, the intent of fruit soup is to get
schnockered.  Therefore, providing fruit soup out of group (ie event)
funds would be a no-no.  If we brought an Igloo cooler of it to Emerald,
as we did many years ago, that would be okay.  Whether the alcohol has
been cooked out or not isn't the issue, but the intent of consumption
probably is.

Rise brings up a point about the out of country rules, and I suspect the
difference is because the liability rules for hosting parties, etc are
different in other countries than here.  

And folks, its not like we have a choice.  The rule is in place - what
we (the SCA administration) are looking at here is wording and effect,
not whether or not to have the rule.

Stuffy Bureaucrat
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