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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Alfredo wrote (quoting Falcone):
> >> That is correct.  Although laws in the states differ a little, there is
> >> an underlying standard that is easily applied.  When you try to add
> >> other countries, it is much more complicated to combine law and
> >> liability issues, so we are leaving it up to their own laws.
> >I see three possibilities:
> >  1) Local groups _need_ this new policy to guide them, but those
> >     local groups that happen to lie outside will have to suffer.
> >  2) Some groups need this policy and others don't, and, fortunately,
> >     only American groups need it.
> >  3) No group really needs this policy, so the Board can simply
> >     apply it in the US, where US standards make it convenient
> >     for the Board to apply it.
> >Have I missed anything?

Duncan replied:
> Try: laws in the twenty-or-so countries outside of the US where the SCA
> exists vary too widely with respect to the sale, consumption, and
> distribution of alcohol to distill a policy for them into a simple,
> one-size-fits-all statement.

By the same token, the twenty-one-or-so countries, _including_ the
US, where the SCA exists, vary too widely for a simple statement.

The proposed wording goes like this, in part:

"[...] Branches outside of the USA may purchase and serve alcohol
in accordance with their own government regulations."

I propose making the policy read, in its entirety, like this:

"Branches may purchase and serve alcohol in accordance with their
own government regulations."

Now, maybe we can't leave it at that because we can't trust the branches
in the US to avoid purchasing and serving alcohol the way US law
requires.  If so, how can we trust Australians to conform to Australian
law?  How can we trust the Swedes to conform to Swedish law?
Shouldn't the Board micromanage them, too, in spite of the difficulty?

-- Alfredo

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