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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Me <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

>I believe that if the aim is to insulate the SCA from suit and liability
>and by extension those of its members, the better policy is to either
>(i) not
>allow alcohol to be served at all at any event or official SCA sponsored
>activity; or (ii) to obtain liability insurance of a sufficient amount to
>cover potential problems.  
Theres a snow ball chance in hell that they ever ban it that would make many
a scadian angry.I think this policy is reasonable.The only difference is the
bank account which pays for it.Since we pay money to the sca for it to exist
only difference is now u dont put it in baronial what have you but start an
unofficial account for booze money.I think this is good and even though it
is to cover the coperates side of things butt it saves my money from being
used on getting ppl drunk at events.That is a silver lining from my veiw
point.I do beleive they should add a clause on who cant serve it such as can
and autocrat or exc do it if they dont use sca money most likely they can as
long as it does not come from SPONSERS bank account.And so as mention before
by civil law which takes precendence over any sca law the person who bought
it will feel the money loss if such damaging cases happen as in early
mentioned in the thread(drunk scadian goin out of the event and killing
someone) .This is an obvious loop whole just start a booze account.Solves
all our problems and keeps our money from being spent on getting drunk which
is a side benifit and is not the main purpose of the sca:)
My 2 cents worth
Myrddin Of Marinus 
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