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Re[2]: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <Chuck_Graves@mmacmail.jccbi.gov>

Greetings, all.

>why did anyone feel that there was a need for an alcohol policy?  Has 
>there been a problem?  Are we trying to fix something that isn't 

Liability problems...pure and simple.  Simply a sign of these litigious 
times we live in.
>This sounds to me like the SCA is afraid someone will get drunk off of 
>a keg provided at a feast, leave that night, kill someone on the drive 
>home, and the SCA gets sued.  
>I suppose it could happen... I just don't like "policy" guided by 
>fear... I don't know why, but this proposed policy *really* raised my 

Offhand, I have to agree with the BoD's decision for the organization. 
The risk is simply too high.
>Does this mean that you can't offer a home-brewed cordial as tourney or 
>contest prize...What about at an auction?.. I don't know... I just don't 
>like it...

I don't believe prizes are a problem.  They are normally given by the 
brewer as a gift to the group, which in turn passes it on.  The same is 
true for an auction.  Any prize I provided for an event--even when 
solicited, I gave freely...I consider it a charitable contribution.

With regard to providing a brewer with materials, I'd steer clear of that 
as well.  The intent is to provide alcohol for a gathering--that violates 
SCA policy.  Also, some authorities would consider giving a brewer native 
materials to produce alcohol a form of barter--which is equivalent to 
sale.  The easiest way is to keep purchase and distribution private.

Besides, y'all have it easy.  In Oklahoma, it is illegal to:  a) brew beer in 
ANY amount; b) produce cordials in ANY amount.  I had to obtain a bloody LICENSE
just to produce wine and cider in this god-forsaken state.

What's worse, the Crowns have declared an ABSOLUTE moratorium on all displays, 
competitions, and classes involving ALL brewing arts in northern Ansteorra (the 
state of Oklahoma) until a legal opinion can be rendered.

God, I miss Atlantia,

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