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Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

In keeping with our mass communication theme, here are the acceptances and
returns with regard to Atlantian submissions from the June Laurel meeting....

Standard disclaimers about diacritical marks apply...


Rhiannon, Triton

The following items were REGISTERED by Laurel at her June meeting:

Aodhan Doilfin - Alternate name and badge for Marc Doilfin 
(Fieldless) A Ukrainian trident head azure.

Arielle the Golden - device
Sable, a gazelle statant and on a chief Or, a wolf rampant sable between two
crescents gules.

Caitilin ni Dhuinn - name
Submitted as Caitilin ni Duinn, the patronymic had to aspirated.  We have
corrected this.

Devora bat Shimshon - name

Genevieve d' Aquitaine - name and device
Argent, two foxes sejant erect gules and on a chief vert three thistles argent.
(This submission had a change in diacritical marks.  Notification letter to
client will advise her further.) 

Geoffrey Hawkwood - name

Gisele l'Orpheline - name
(Same as Genevieve - change in diacritical marks - Notification letter to
client will advise her further.)

Isabel d'Avignon - name (see RETURNS for device)

Joscelyn of Ivybridge - device
Per pale Or and sable, a chief dovetailed counterchanged.

Reinhardt von Guttersbach - name and device
Argent, two chevrons inverted gules and in chief an eagle displayed sable.

Rose McDermott - name



Isabel d'Avignon - device
Per bend wavy azure and counter-ermine, a sun proper and a decrescent argent

This is being returned for unidentifiability.  From any distance, the wavy
line separating the azure and counter-ermine cannot be seen.  This
submisssion was ruled on at the roadshow meeting at the 1997 Known World
Herald Symposium and the people sitting in the SECOND row could not tell
what the line of division was.  This return is in line with current CoA
precedent.  In the January 1993 return of Elspeth of Oxfordshire, Master
Bruce as Laurel said:

"[Per chevron embattled azure mullety of six points Or, and sable, in base a
<charge> argent]  The low contrast between azure and sable renders the
embattled line indistinguishable from any distance.  As with the recent case
of Per pale embattled purpure and sable (LoAR of Aug 92, p. 25), I must
return this for lack of identifiability, per Rule VIII.3.


Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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