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A&S chats at Pennsic XXVI

Poster: Carol Reed <pcr@ic.net>

Unto the Artists and Craftsmen of the Knowne Worlde
     does Lady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn,
          Deputy Arts & Sciences Coordinator for Pennsic XXVI,
               send greetings this fine July day!

Now that your schedules for Pennsic are beginning to firm up, we
invite all and sundry to join us for some informal discussions during
the first week of Pennsic XXVI. The theme of these presentations
will be "How I Became Involved in the Arts & Sciences in the SCA..."
These sessions will be held Wednesday through Saturday, August
6th through 9th, from 1:00-3:00 in either AS III or AS IV next to
Midrealm Royal Encampment. Those artisans who will participate 
each day will be posted the day before at the A&S table in the 
Information Tent.

We particularly invite those artists, artisans and craftsmen who have
been involved for some little time to come to these sessions with
examples of some of their earliest (and more recent) works, ready
to discuss how your skills have grown and changed over the years.
We would definitely appreciate any who know they will be available,
and who can make a commitment ahead of time, to please contact
Lady Fiadnata before August 1st with the day they would like to
participate, and the craft they would like to discuss.

Mark this on your schedules for Wednesday (6th) through Saturday
afternoon (9th) -- we promise you shelter from the sun or rain, and
an interesting discussion with some of our most experienced
artisans! See you there!

Lady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn
m.k.a. Carol Reed
6830 Summerfield Rd.
Temperance, MI 48182-1343
(313) 847-0413
E-mail:  pcr@ic.net (put "A&S chat" in Subject:)
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