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Greetings set upon you from Marinus

Poster: Me <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

Greetings from Marinus 
My name is Myrddin of Marinus (Josh Thomas) and I wish to inform you of a
poem I wrote about one of your events .Emerald last may was great and since
you put the work into the event as a barony I put alot of thought into this

                                Silver Circlet
As the moon glow wains upon me
In the land of my thoughts
And the land so far but near
And calls it Caer Galen

A land that shines so bright
With The many fights 
Upon the Glory filled Feilds
Upon the list I did fight
For my Homes Honuor far away

Upon that rain filled night of Emerald
In the home where the royals slept
My fairest thought stands
It sings a song with sweetness sound
A song By Many 
A lady of Caer Galen

After the songs did end
A noble of man did stand
Crowned the queen of the Bards
The Brightest sight in the land
The Nameless Angel of Caer Galen

Well there it  is .Please no filking(thats for the merryrose bards:) Hope
all of the famed barony and college get a chance to hear that one.I hope the
lady blushes deep red who I write that for .It is my goal to get that
accomplished :)
Farewell all:) Feel free to give my email to any who wish to comment on that
peice(dungeon@norfolk.infi.net)Thank u
In service to the Dream
Myrddin Of Marinus 

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