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households and those banners

Poster: "Efenwealt Wystle" <efen@hotmail.com>

2 part message:

1) The painted banners at the KA&SF were made by the Canton of Elvegast. 
It was the perfect project for a group as dizzy as ours (and I love to 
brag). Arawynn and I bought some canvas painting tarps and cut them into 
the nifty banner shapes and and she surged the edges. Then we hung them 
on a wall at Master Valdemar's house (he has lots of walls, we have few) 
and projected color copies of manuscript illuminations with *MASTER* 
(woo hoo!) Magnus' opaque projector. We traced the outlines of all the 
pictures with a Sharpee (thanks Brianna and Lucy for your help!). Then 
at canton meetings, we handed out the banners and color copies to folks. 
They did the "paint by number" thing and *BAMF* Elvegast has 20 some 
spiffy banners. Be proud Elvegast. Be very proud.

2) How does one join a household? I think the question should be "Why 
should one join a household?" Is Atlantia so infiltrated by households 
that people think they have to join or start one to get anywhere? I 
guess so, the joke at Pennsic last year was

 "How many Atlantians does it take to screw in a light bulb? It depends 
on what household you're in."

People don't have to be a "household" to do things together. Whatever 
happened to doing projects with your local group? Or just being friends? 
I've seen dozens of  little groups come and go, each one saying "We're 
not like OTHER households, we have fun, and we don't play politics." 
Yeah right. They camp together a few times, have a few parties and then 
break up because of some political problem.

I think one of the most admirable of "households" is House Pink Fuzzy 
Bunny. They really only exist at Pennsic, where they all camp together 
and then go home. No heraldry, no matching clothes, no badges, but 
everyone at the War seems to know where their camp is. Sometimes they 
put up a sign that says something like:

"House death skull raven wulf crush dragon flaming wyvern shadow rabid 
dog bad breath we all were black because we want you to think we're deep 
and mysterious but we're really quite shallow"

Shut up efen.

Efen, Chairman of the Knowne World Disorder

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