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Re: rayon

Poster: karen@georesearch.com (Karen Green)

Baroness "Still Waiting For Fabric" Miri wrote:
> >Rayon works ok for garb in terms of comfort since it is composed of natural
> >fibres, but I do agree that the synthetics are a poor choice- they trap
> >heat and don't wick away sweat like cotton, silk, or wool do.

then Lady Kat wrote:

> Cool!  I didn't know that - I thought rayon was synthetic.  What fibers is
> it composed of?

It's produced by pressing cellulose acetate or some other cellulose
solution through very small holes and solidifying it in the form of

Maybe not as natural as linen, cotton, silk, or wool, but darned close. 

Karen Larsdatter,
  whose court garb is a 15th century "Burgundian" houppelande in blue
rayon brocade ...
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