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Re: Correction (was: Poll Tax)

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

>Someone has advised me, privately, that many fine, upstanding,
>paid members of SCA, Incorporated, do not receive Acorn.  These
>Associate Members contribute even more to the Corporation than
>do Sustaining Members, because none of their dues goes towards
>magazines and newsletters.
>I now advise that their Majesties' flappers only permit TRM to
>read letters that contain the phrase, "I give my word that I hold
>a current paid membership in The Society for Creative Anachronism,
>Inc."  This should suffice for proof in an honor-bound Society.
>-- Alfredo el Bufon

Also consider that there are families in which both spouses are sustaining
members, such as my husband and I (we are both officers).  Why would we
need 2 Acorns?  So we also get the Pop Chiv because we sometimes go to
Meridian events.
Lady G

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