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Re: How you become King

Poster: karen@georesearch.com (Karen Green)

Steffan wrote:

> I think it would be interesting to have to do more than swing a stick to
> become King.  Although, swinging a stick is VERY important, especially in
> WAR TIME.  But, I would also like to see a more rounded criteria to
> become the monarchs.

Personally, I quite like the current system.  I've seen how other groups
choose their royalty, and I'm quite fond of this system in comparison. 
A fighter goes onto the field of battle, armed only with rattan, armor,
and the favor of his lady (or of her lord).  The fighter puts
himself/herself on the line, physically.  Maybe he only lasts two
rounds, maybe she lasts through to the finals.  It's not an A&S thing,
it's not a popularity contest, it's not a beauty pageant.  It's physical

> Look at the authority and power a Queen has, and
> her only requirement for becoming Queen is to pick the right guy to be
> consort to.  I am not knocking Queens mind you, I hold all Royalty in the
> highest regard.

In Caid (where I started out in the SCA a bit more than five years ago)
the Consort is considered the Queen (or King) of Love and Beauty, and is
the one responsible for inspiring the Sovereign on the field of the
Crown Tournament.  Is that not the case here?  Is that not requirement

> If other criteria were added it would definately complicate the issue.
> Right now it is a KISS system and the winner is very easy to identify.
> However, it is possible for a person with a rather thick skin  to become
> a very  powerful person and that does bother me to some extent.

It's also possible that the marshals and opponents of a thick-skinned
fighter will recognize this fact and call it to said fighter's
attention.  I have heard of cases where rhino-hides have been removed
from the field of battle, but I'm not sure if that's something that
happened here or elsewhere.

> I know, I know, honor and chivalry is expected of all the contestants, but we do
> have to face the reality of things.  It is very easy to get highly
> excited and honestly not register blow especially when fighting for such
> an enormous prize (I perfer to view it this way rather than to say
> someone intentionally blew off blows).

It happens.  That's when you've got to hope, both for the safety of the
rhino-hide and the safety of his opponent that a hold is called. 
Rhino-hiding can be hazardous to your health ...

> I am interested in additional comments.

You got 'em.

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter
  Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia
  who no longer wields rattan -- an embroidery needle will do just
nicely, thank you!
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