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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>  But, I think you misserve yourself when you use Jefferson's words above.
>  The idea behind being Baron or King or the head of your household is not to
>  govern people, but to lead them. 

One should certainly hope so....otherwise the game becomes tiresome and

To set an example they will want to
>  willingly follow. If I remember correctly, it is the Crown of the West
>  Kingdom wherein are inscribed words something like; I am King because they
>  believe.

That's a happy thought...otherwise he's just a git with a metal hat on his
head walking around in silly clothes.....
>Caid.  "You Rule because They Believe".

Ah, now that's more accurate...you're king because you were left standing
at the end of the tourney.  People allow you to rule because they believe
you're more than just a git with a metal hat on your head walking around in
silly clothes...
>	Tibor
Not the real Miriam this Month...if you think that's confusing, wait until
August when we're both unreal....  ;)
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