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Suggestion... wasRe: How you become king

Poster: Shawn Riggin <sriggi1@gl.umbc.edu>

Greetings unto the Merry Rose from Morgan Wainwright!

In light of the recent discussion on Crown Tournament (problems,
suggestions, etc.)  I would like to pose a suggestion and get feedback.

I agree with the "trial-by-combat" method of choosing our royalty.  I do
however have a suggestion on how it could be changed to make those who
wish to be King/Queen a little more rounded.  Drink Beer! (j/k)   No, but
seriously, my idea is to make Crown a series of tournaments... three to be
exact:  One heavy, one rapier, and one archery.  
Each contestant must fight in all three tournaments in order to compete
for the Crown.  A number of points will be given to each person for their
respective positions.  

There are 30 people in the Crown List this year, of wich Lord A, Sir B,
and Lady C are all contenders.  Each compete in all three required
Heavy Tournament: Sir B finishes second for 28 points   (30-position)
                  Lord A finishes 12th for 18 points    (30-position)
                  Lady C finishes 25th for 5 points    (you get the idea)
Rapier Tournament: Sir B finishes 15th for 15 points
                   Lord A finishes 6th for 24 points
                   Lady C finishes 18th for 12 points
Archery Tournament: Sir B finishes 26th for 4 points
                    Lord A finishes 20th for 10 points
                    Lady C finishes 1st for 30 points

Totals:  Lord A:  52 points
         Sir B:   47 points    
         Lady C:  47 points

Lord A wins because he was the most rounded fighter in ALL THREE weapons
styles.  He won neither tournament, but because he faired so well in all
three, he wins the crown.

It is still possible to run it in a weekend event, too.  You'd run the
Archery first on Saturday morning, Rapier on Saturday afternoon, and the
heavy list on Sunday.  That way the heavy list still determines who the
king will be.

Now, I know some of the Heavy fighters out there are not going to like
this because it gives other *style* fighters a chance to win the Crown.
But you know... I think its time to give them a chance.  They've been
excluded for years, why not try it.  It can't really hurt.

Anyway, enough of my suggestions.  "Bartender!  I need to become more
"rounded!"   Gimme another Beer!"

In Service,

Mundanely:   Shawn M. Riggin                 
In The SCA:  Morgan Wainwright                         "Quarterly argent
             Man-at-Arms to Lord Kaloc von Zwechel      and sable, a wheel
             Canton of Spiaggia Levantina               counterchanged."
             Kingdom of Atlantia                   

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