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Re: A modest proposal (no, not that one)

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@MCIMAIL.COM>

Just chiming in with my two pence worth:

Is the goal being promoted only on A&S physical goods/projects or could
this include a nifty research paper on something that is not necessarily
a useful physical object:  i.e. like a research paper on a topic
 in sociology or linguistics, law, or medicine?  I am not suggesting 
that you necessarily should do this,
after all this is your challenge and your prize to offer as you see
fit, however at the Kingdom A&S competition there was a category for
research papers (and it also set forth Judging criteria for all entries).

In any case, I think this is a marvelous idea and a worthy effort.
Therefore, my Lady Bridgett, I volunteer to help you make/provide tokens for
this effort.  While I have little in the way of A&S craft-making skills,
 I can help buy supplies or provide finished items (specifically jewelry)
if you would like (I merchant Celtic jewelry).  Just let me know privately
via email.

Sue Metzler/Tehair 
who is not a very good crafts person but who is an excellent researcher.

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Poster: tawnyk@juno.com (shana m harvey)

Greetings unto Bridgette Kelly MacLean and gentle cousins all!
I think a year-long effort is a marvelous idea!  It encourages one to do
the research thoroughly, plan and create a project that is grand in
scale, and follow through with a deadline.   I will gladly publish this
idea in the SWAT newsletter and I suspect it will get lots of support.  I
would like to participate myself (will the stool be a good height/comfort
for weaving??!?!?...grin).   As I know many people who would like to
participate that are not on-line, do you have a snail mail address for

Judging is tough, as you will have multiple arts represented.  This is
usually solved by having a common theme, but I think that would limit the
scope of the competition.  I also believe that the current A/S forms
cover this by having general categories with a points systems.  May I
suggest that each piece be judged in the following categories?
craftsmanship (if the documentation is good, a judge wouldn't have to
practice the 
     art to judge this category, although some arts are self evident)

Many of these categories are very subjective, but are a starting point. 
The last
is because this is a "new" skill for the artisan (I like that emphasis,
BTW).  Many "first" pieces have an obvious starting/ending point as the
skill improves.  This last would depend on whether you are trying to
encourage a perfect finished project or a little risk taking on a large
scale.  Anyway, that's my immediate reaction to your idea with only a
little thought.  I say go for it!

Dreaming of incredible textiles, 
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