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Re: Heart of a Warrior

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Angela K. Pincha-Neel - ASCC)

The REAL name of this song is:

Peasant Warrior
Written by Lady Rosalind Jehanne of Paradox Keep

A young boy high on the battlement stood as he swept at the cold grey stone.
And he gazed with delight at the lists where the banners flew.
The knights in bright armour were jousting there on their steads of
	dapple and roan.
And the archers drew at their longbows made of yew

Oh, I have the heart of a warrior.
And although I am low born, I hope someday I'll be sworn to be a knight,
That I may fight to serve my lord.

The years passed by and the stewards son grew into a comely youth.
He was strong of arm and fair as the summer's sky.
The old proud knight took no notice of him 'cept an occassional sharp reproof.
Yet undaunted were his dreams of glory high!

Oh, I have the heart of a warrior,
And although I am baseborn, I hope someday I'll be sworn to be a knight,
That I may fight to serve my lord.

The knight was summoned by His Majesty to war in a distant land.
On Crusade, where honour and glory could be won.
He journeyed forth on his battle stead with his great sword at his side.
In his retinue of men was a steward's son.

Oh, I have the heart of a warrior.
And full glad am I this morn, at his side for I have sworn
To serve my Knight that he may fight for his Leige Lord.

The battle fierce around them raged, the press of men was hard.
Yet the knight grew faint of heart and fain would flee.
But as he turned to go, he found his pathway was barred.
And he fell from top his horse most cowardly.

For he had not the heart of a warrior.
And no matter he's high born, on that day he had forsworn to be a knight,
Denied his vow to King and Lord.

The steward's son jumped into the fray, armed only with his knife,
With defiance stood 'tween his master and the foe.
"Oh God above, unto You I pray, to protect my noble's life,
And to give me strength to withstand these many blows."

For I have the heart of a warrior,
And no matter how I'm born, on this day I have forsworn
To play the knight, that I may fight for my leige lord.

The King rode out at the break of day, His heart was full of woe,
For His comarades slain, though a victory great was won.
He found the fallen knight, circled 'round by slain foe.
And cradled in his arms, was the steward's son.

Oh he has the heart of a warrior,
And no matter he's low born, on this day I'd have him sworn to be a knight,
For he would die to save his lord.

The King dubbed him upon the field. "Arise Sir Knight," said He.
But the lad could not obey the King's command.
And with his dying breath, he gave his oath of fealty.
And he held the sword with the last touch of his hands.

For he had the heart of a warrior.
But for man of woman born, comes the day the soul has sworn,
To take to flight, and live inside of Heaven's walls.

They carried him upon his shield.
A knight's sword at his side.
And they buried him, with the honour due his life.
And evermore, did that humbled knight, in a golden, burnished sheath,
	carry at his side that old and rusted knife.

May you have the heart of a warrior.
For no matter how you're born,
On one day you had forsworn to be a knight with honour
	bright for King and Lord.
For one day you were reborn as a knight and you have worn
	the golden chain, the belt pure white and silver sword.


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