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that king thing

Poster: "Efenwealt Wystle" <efen@hotmail.com>

In my wild and thoughtless youth, *giggle* I also believed it would be 
"better" if we combined some kind of A&S competition with Crown 
Tournament or an olympiad of sorts. But recently I've started thinking 
that if people had to work even HARDER to become King/Queen they'd 
deserve even MORE reward for it (not that it's any picnic as it is). 
Being on the throne wouldn't be the "happy" little 6-12 month ordeal 
that it is (mind you, I've never been there and don't covet the 
postiton). Besides, anyone who had to enter multiple competitions in 
several different weapons/arts forms would have to be some kind of 
super-human and worthy of god-like respect (and Earl Daffydd would sure 
get tired of all that worship :-)

If we play the GAME the way the rules were written, we should be able to 
give honor and fealty to any monarch, regardless of how they were 
selected (i.e. a tournament, olympiad, polling, dancing, brewing, 
poetry, tatting, naalbinding, bee-keeping, playing CAMBOK, etc.)

Maybe it would be interesting to change the criteria for choosing 
monarchs now and then. I wouldn't make it anymore challenging, just 
different. Lets see, Master Terefan could be King by Right of Brew (oo! 
get Lady Lora Leigh for Queen!), Master Robyyan King by Right of Step, 
The Honorable Lord Falcone King by Right of Drum, Duke Anton King by 
Right of Left, Lady Tangwystl Queen by Wight of Weft, Lord Efenwealt by 
Right of Wrong, Lord Alfredo King by Right of Rude *smile*. How about 
Master Herveus King by Sinister of Arms (that's "stage right"). Or Lady 
Emma Queen by Right of Charms, or Syr Thorbrandr King by Height of Arms, 
or Lord Kheldar King by Fright of Farms, or, or...
Oh shut up Efen.

efen (rhymes with Stefan)

I keep hearing that rumor about midnight CAMBOK on the battlefield 
Monday night at Pennsic. Is this really just a rumor? Who's behind this?

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