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Re: Pennsic - road conditions

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.Mitre.org>

>Because of that, on my return trip from Ohio, I took I-79 to PA 43 (50
>cents toll) to US 40 east, over the mountains to Maryland and I-68. Folks
>from Northern Atlantia may want to consider this route (in reverse) to
>avoid the construction; however, the hills are steeper.

  My family lives in Ohio, so I pass that way occasionally.  I've been taking
I-68 since before it was an interstate to avoid the turnpike.  It runs straight 
out to Morganstown WV where it ends at I-79 (so you don't have to take Evan's 
short cut).  The first Morganstown exit after you turn north is a nice break
point (it's about midway to where I go in Ohio) has Bob Evans for a nice sit
down meal and McDonalds, Cap't D's, Subway if you are more in a hurry.  Exxon
and BP.  Also, if you like scenery, the Sidling Hill exihibit (around eight miles
past where 68 splits from 70) has picnic tables overlooking the mountains you 
just drove through and a nice exhibit of the geology of the mountain pass that
they cut.  Taking 68 all the way out doesn't add a huge amount of time, but 
Evan is probably correct (haven't been straight out 70 for ages, so I don't 
recall) that it is a bit steep in places.

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