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Re: Pennsic - road conditions

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Evan wrote:
> Well, in my specific case I was coming from Columbus, so the geometry
> was different. The turnpike is faster going to Pennsic; if you want to
> budget the extra time for I-68 and some en route sightseeing then go
> that way.

Actually, all things being equal, if you include the delay time going 
through Breezewood (which is never a breeze), and all the delays for
the everpresent construction on I-76, then it is not faster going to
Pennsic, only shorter (and that marginally). Quite frankly, I'd much
rather add a few miles to my drive, a more scenic route and deal with
the hills than sit in traffic in the heat with a standard transmission
car. If I want that I'll just go out onto the Beltway at rush hour.
Besides, unless things have changed, the speed limit on the PA TPK is
still 55 while it's 65 almost entirely through MD and WVA. 

In service,

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