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Re: Pennsic - road vs. terrain

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Kevin Wrote:

>>Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Unto those assembled, etc, etc...

The question I'm more concerned about is terrain.  Which route
has less large mountains?  I'm driving a 3-ton truck and towing
an 1800-pound trailer.  The less going up and down hills the
better (and cheaper).
|+^+|  Kevin of Thornbury<<

And Kendrick posted:

>>You know, everyone always says that I-68 doesn't add "a huge amount of 
time," but no one ever goes into specifics.  Looking at the map, it 
seems to me that the PA turnpike, as much as people hate it is pretty
much the hypotenuse of a right triangle with I-68 as the bottom of it.
Now as any good geometry student knows the hypotenuse is the much 
shorter length.  Even with construction, I think the turnpike will
remain the faster way.


This will answer both at once.

Kendrick insinuates that the PA Turnpike is the hypotenuse from Northern VA
and Maryland to the Great War.   Let me say something very imphatically, the
PA Turnpike ain't the hypotenuse from Breezewood, PA.

Some directions that were given to me from someone who lives in SW PA are as
follows.  (I call it the "22" Route, everytime that you find a new US highway
with 22 in it going North or West, follow it.  The only exception is US 30

>From I- 70 take the exit for US 30 West.  (This is the exit before the PA
Turnpike in Breezewood.)

>From US 30 go west until you get to US 220 North.  

Follow US 220 North until you get to US 22 West.

Follow US 22 West to US 422 West.

Follow US 422 West to the WAR.

The hills through this area of PA are very moderate and the other thing is
that most of the route is four-lane highway with speed limits of 65mph.

( who makes it from Durham, NC to the war in 9 hours 15 minutes)

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