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Answer and new topic(was Re: Pennsic - road vs. terrain)

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@acm.org>

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997 Lordgaelan@aol.com wrote:

> Kendrick insinuates that the PA Turnpike is the hypotenuse from Northern VA
> and Maryland to the Great War.   Let me say something very imphatically, the
> PA Turnpike ain't the hypotenuse from Breezewood, PA.


I did not mean to insinuate that the PA Turnpike route was the hypotenuse 
to the Great War.  What I meant to insinuate was that it was the 
hypotenuse to Pittsburgh.  As I believe I mentioned elsewhere, I'm 
leaving for the National Festival of the International Jugglers
Association this Friday and it happens to be in Pittsburgh this year.
Therefore, I will be going to Pittsburgh first, spending almost a
week there, and then going directly from there to Pennsic.  (Boy,
does this make packing a chore... :-)  

Your route does, however, appear to cut more off the corner than 
any of the routes that go through Pittsburgh.  Of the routes to
Pennsic, though, that mostly use interstates, I believe that the
PA turnpike is the quickest, best route. (No flames, please.)

As a new topic of discussion, I've just been frantic for the 
last few days finishing up various Pennsic projects.  I just
finished two pairs of stilts for myself and my wife, I'm almost
finished with a new quiver for my arrows, I still have to
finish making more crossbow quarels, and I've got at least a
couple of sewing projects I'd like to finish (but probably won't).
Also, my wife and I spent last week putting together poles,
ropes, and stakes for our brand new Panther Pavilion (not 
the one mentioned for sale in an earlier post...).
Am I the only one going crazy just before Pennsic, or does
everyone do this, too?  If not, then after I've done this
for a few more years, does it get eaiser, since hopefully,
I'll keep accumulating everything I need and won't need to
do last minute projects... Thoughts?

In service,
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             |\                       Arlington, VA
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