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Last Minute "Rush" for Pennsic

Poster: Robert_M_HAMMOND@umail.umd.edu (rh109)

Ah, its so nice to see these younger ones headed off to some of their first
Pennsics. (This from an OFG who is into his third decade in the SCA and has
lost count of the Pennsics he has attended. [My first was Pennsic 6 and I
think I have missed less than a half dozen since then.])

Based on my experience (and those of my friends) you should always expect it
to get frantic just before Pennsic.
(Get me to sing you the song that lady Veleda wrote about this.  Its titled
"I'll be ready for Pennsic NEXT Year".
Yes, you will have the product of these projects available, but it seems
like there are just about always new projects to be done.  Also, you have to
try and figure out where you stored the old stuff from last year, and how to
get it all to fit, with the new stuff, into whatever you are going to use to
carry it in.
Then, perhaps, you discover that while you were only a Pennsic 10 days last
year and plan to be there 14 days this year that you really don't have
enough clothes.  etc.  etc.   etc.

Actually, at the moment, I still have stock to make (merchant stuff), tunics
to cut and sew, armor repair/improvements, food preparation, equipment
location, gathering, and itemization, my lady is also making tunics for our
daughter, tent set up and inspection, etc.  (At least the van has had its
checkup.)  So don't worry about the "frantic" aspects near the end of your
preparations.  After all, it helps "wake you up" for Pennsic!  ;-)

Michael of Hammond

>As a new topic of discussion, I've just been frantic for the 
>last few days finishing up various Pennsic projects.  I just
>finished two pairs of stilts for myself and my wife, I'm almost
>finished with a new quiver for my arrows, I still have to
>finish making more crossbow quarels, and I've got at least a
>couple of sewing projects I'd like to finish (but probably won't).
>Also, my wife and I spent last week putting together poles,
>ropes, and stakes for our brand new Panther Pavilion (not 
>the one mentioned for sale in an earlier post...).
>Am I the only one going crazy just before Pennsic, or does
>everyone do this, too?  If not, then after I've done this
>for a few more years, does it get eaiser, since hopefully,
>I'll keep accumulating everything I need and won't need to
>do last minute projects... Thoughts?
>In service,

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