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Re: Answer and new topic(was Re: Pennsic - road vs. terrain)

Poster: John McMahon <fuzzface@io.com>

> Am I the only one going crazy just before Pennsic, or does
> everyone do this, too?  If not, then after I've done this
> for a few more years, does it get eaiser, since hopefully,
> I'll keep accumulating everything I need and won't need to
> do last minute projects... Thoughts?

I'm hoping to hit a balance point one of these years.

The problem with The War(tm) is that I find that I need a few days
clear beforehand to pack properly, and a few days after to recover
from getting out of there.  Becuase of work, I rarely get those.

I think you have to pick a point when you say "Enough, I'm not finishing
X, Y and Z." and stick to it.  Otherwise you go mad.

Lord Ivan
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