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Re: Pre - Pennsic Craziness

Poster: seareach@juno.com (Bonnie  A Hindle)

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>Am I the only one going crazy just before Pennsic, or does
>everyone do this, too? 
	Yes, Kendrick, my friend, everyone does this.   Before my first
Pennsic, I attempted to sew about ten or so pieces of garb (I had only
been in the SCA short time so my sewing pace was that of a snail and my
garb closet was quite bare).  After sewing like mad for three days before
we left and having only completed a third of what I wanted to, I looked
at my then roommate and asked if we could go buy an adapter to plug into
the car's cigarette lighter for the sewing machine......After he picked
himself up  off the floor from laughing so hard, I calmly and with total
seriousness asked him if we couldn't find one would he please hot wire
the sewing machine into the car.  This caused more uproarious lautgher
and no he won't do it.  We left for Pennsic and I gave up sewing by hand
about half way there.  I have since that time suffered the on going
running gag about me wanting to put a sewing machine in the car so I
could so on the way to Pennsic............But I will tell you a secret, 
everytime I go into the electronic section of a store I look to see if I
can find a car adapter that will plug into a house-type plug, and guess
what I found not to long ago. 8) <evil giggle>  The only thing keeping me
from sewing on the way this year that my truck is a stickshift and the
other person riding with me can't drive stick and doesn't sew. 

	(who promised not to get paniced this year - boy I lied)
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