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(Fwd) Reaching the BOD electronically

Poster: "Robyyan Torr d'Elandris" <robyyan@pop.mindspring.com>

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From:          "siobhan" <pat@lloyd.com>
Subject:       Reaching the BOD electronically
Date:          Mon, 28 Jul 1997 20:55:48 -0700

Greetings from siobhan medhbh o'roarke!

A note to those of you who might have your internet service through
NETCOM and want to write to Michael Cohen: his ISP, freenet.carleton.ca,
has blocked all incoming traffic from NETCOM to the freenet because of
(sigh) a SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email) problem. Specifically,
if you are a NetCruiser user and/or use the "<name>@ix.netcom.com" domain,
you will be blocked. (In fact, if you send to _any_ user on that domain,
you will be blocked, not just when you send to Michael. But...)

I can forward email to Michael for you; we're hoping to get this fixed,
but I'm not terribly confident. Both sides are pretty inflexible at this
point.  We're looking into either re-writing his address at the sca.org 
host or doing some other such thing to make it work without other people 
having to forward email. 

Michael is the Ombudscritter for A&S, Atlantia, and Caid: those of you
who are in the affected domains, please let the appropriate lists and 
officers know.

  pat/siobhan (speaking as the chair of the SCA.ORG committee)
Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke	/ Pat McGregor/ siobhan@lloyd.com
House Northmark, Mountain's Gate, Cynagua, The West

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