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Re: PROPOSED for comment

Poster: Scott Silvers/Lord James Beckett of Westmorland <ssilvers@liberty.uc.wlu.edu>

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Michael Houghton wrote:

> I seem to recall that it used to be this way a few years ago. I support
> this change. When this was the case, there were a number of fighters who
> authorized in Spear (first and only) for the pleasure of fighting in the
> line at Pennsic (or other such opportunities as arose). With the change to
> require sword and board as a first form, these people were disenfranchised.
> I know people who were unamused by the change. This proposal is a Good
> Thing (tm).

	Correct me if I'm mistaken (Like that really needed to be said), 
but I've always been told that your first authorization can be either 
Weapon and Shield or Spear.  If you opt for spear first, then you must 
authorize w/s before you can authorize in any other forms.

As for the proposed changes I agree with all of them, though I would 
still encourage people to learn sword and board first, because it teaches 
them the basics of fighting, as well as letting them find out what it's 
really like to play w/o leaving yourself wide open for shots. (Though 
some still do, even with a big ol' war board.) When I 
first started, I was totally unprepared for what it would be like, 
despite having watched for a few months first.  Watching someone get 
womped on and being womped on are two totally different things.


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