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Re: PROPOSED for comment

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Greetings from Richard!

I think we lose sight of the purpose of authorizations.
Authorizations are designed to test fighters who want to fight at
They are not designed to guide weapons choices at wars or to
guide training methods.

While we recognize that there is a link between some training methods
and authorizations, good training concentrates on the long term results
rather than authorizations.

Given that authorization is supposed to be about testing, why make
someone take their tests in a particular order?

I expect that with or without the proposed change, the vast majority of
new fighters will still be taught sword and shield.
Yours in Service to Atlantia,
Richard Fitzgilbert

Dan Mackison wrote:
> Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>
> Despite the Pennsic furor, I am surprised that Duke Richard's request
> for commentary on rule changes for heavy combat in the August Acorn has
> sparked no discussion on the Merry Rose. I have numbered the proposed
> changes for my commentary to follow.
> I quote:
> 1) PROPOSED for comment: Fighters may authorize in the various weapon
> forms in any order. While it may usually be a good training technique to
> teach new fighters sword and shield as their first weapons form it is
> not necessary to require that this be their first authorization. This
> change would allow a fighter to authorize in any weapons form as their
> first authorization. This would not change the nature of any
> authorizations just the sequence.
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