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RE: PROPOSED for comment

Poster: "McPhee, Kevin" <Kevin.McPhee@mail.house.gov>

Greeting from lord Patrick

>My Commentary
>1) Although I don't see any problem with allowing two-weapon as an
>initial authorization, I do object to this rule for two handed swords
>and polearms for two reasons.  
>First, occasionally at a practice I will be tossed about by fit young
>men who has watched too many Conan movies and is unaware of the force a
>six foot sword can generate. In addition, at present, many enthusiastic
>fledgling fighters practice together among themselves during the week
>away from experienced assistance. Usually, by the time they have
>developed sufficient knowledge and skill to authorize in sword and
>shield and are ready to take up a longer weapon, they train with better
>skill and more control.  I fear that encouraging the use of a polearm or
>great sword by a fledgling will result in more injuries and more serious
>injuries in formal (and informal) practices.   
>Second, as I believe the spirit of rules presently stand a fighter's
>initial authorization is also his easiest. A general attitude of "as
>long as he's safe" holds sway. No one wants to deny a bright-eyed
>hopeful the opportunity to fight.  My initial authorization for great
>sword was only passed on my third attempt.  Several years later, I
>passed my polearm authorization on the first attempt without practicing
>hard with a polearm (I hadn't practiced with one at all and had only
>made the weapon the night before). I passed, to my shame, because I told
>those involved in the authorizaion that if I did not pass my
>authorization, I would not be able to fight. I had not brought a shield
>to the tourney and great swords were not allowed in the particular
>event.  In my first great sword authorization, years earlier, I had been
>told that I needed to practice more and come back in a month or so. In
>my first polearm authorization, I was told that I needed to practice
>more and then authorized.
Thomas the concern that you show here is nice, but safe is safe, if the
auth. is weapon and shield 
or polearm ect... at that point the marshals need to make a the call as
to who is and who is not.

As for the training of the new fighters, most of the time (most) new
fighters come to practice and see
other fighters using these weapons and learn what to do and what not to

We as the marshals of Atlantia should not tell new fighters what forms
to fight, we can suggest, 
but that is all.

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