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Re: Answer and new topic(was Re: Pennsic - road vs. terrain)

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>As a new topic of discussion, I've just been frantic for the 
>last few days finishing up various Pennsic projects.  I just
>finished two pairs of stilts for myself and my wife, I'm almost
>finished with a new quiver for my arrows, I still have to
>finish making more crossbow quarels, and I've got at least a
>couple of sewing projects I'd like to finish (but probably won't).
>Also, my wife and I spent last week putting together poles,
>ropes, and stakes for our brand new Panther Pavilion (not 
>the one mentioned for sale in an earlier post...).
>Am I the only one going crazy just before Pennsic, or does
>everyone do this, too?  If not, then after I've done this
>for a few more years, does it get eaiser, since hopefully,
>I'll keep accumulating everything I need and won't need to
>do last minute projects... Thoughts?
>In service,
Does it ever get what?  Easier...?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahah.....

Oh, sorry, just overcome by a fit of hysterics......been going to Pennsic
since, um, well, many years now, myself.  Actually, you do end up with a
bunch of nifty stuff, but just as you finish building all the cool things
you want, your garb needs repair, or the first few things you made need
repair, or modification, or someone shows you a nifty thing you've just
gotta make one of for this Pennsic.

It's all a matter of balancing needs and wants.  if you can do that, it
will get easier.


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