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Re: padded vs. unpadded polearms

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, David H Ritterskamp wrote:

>      Remember, E=Mc(squared).  The potential energy of a padded polearm 
>      head is much higher, due to the weight of the object.  

Um, hate to disagree, but that's the figure for energy stored in the
atomic bonds of the object. I haven't seen anyone vaporize a polearm
(padded or unpadded) just by swinging it...

The formula for kinetic energy of a moving object is E= 0.5 * m * (v^2)
in English, that's half the mass times the square of the speed at impact.

v is NOT constant; in fact, it's harder to swing a heavier object as fast.
So the same amount of force will get a light object going fast, or a heavy
one going slow. Which has more kinetic energy? Don't know off the top of
my head. It's a Physics 101 analysis, which many folks could do if anyone

As for the *practical* effects: I'm not a fighter and haven't given
the matter much study, so I leave the question to those who have.


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