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Rocket Robin Hood

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> >      Remember, E=Mc(squared).  The potential energy of a padded polearm 
> >      head is much higher, due to the weight of the object.  
> Um, hate to disagree, but that's the figure for energy stored in the
> atomic bonds of the object. I haven't seen anyone vaporize a polearm
> (padded or unpadded) just by swinging it...

Somhow this reminds me of a cartoon show I used to watch as a kid,
about Rocket Robin Hood, who fought with an electro-quarterstaff,
among many other futuristico-medievaloid devices.
As I recall, it had almost as many historical inaccuracies as Roar! does.
Does anyone else remember this show?

-- Alfredo
It was The Year Of Fire, The Year Of Destruction,
The Year We Took Back What Was Ours.
It was The Year Of Rebirth, The Year Of Great
Sadness, The Year Of Pain, and The Year Of Joy.
It was The Year Of Living Dangerously, The Year
My Voice Broke, and My Favorite Year.

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