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Re: Pennsic First-timer -- Questions

Poster: JoLori@aol.com

As far as "Musts" for a first-time Penniscer...

* A pilgrimage to the Runestone on Runestone Hill  (best attempted in the
daytime, it's tough to locate at night.)

* A nighttime visit to the main battlefield to enjoy the night sky (bring a
blanket).  Pennsic usually falls during the Perseid meteor shower, so there
is good chance of spotting falling stars.

* A Heraldic tour of the war is great fun.  Check with Herald's Point to see
if they will be offering one.

* Even if you aren't particularly fond of court, do not miss the procession
of the royalty of the Known World into Great Court.  Also, it's fun to watch
(and participate) in the calling of the Pennsics attended at the end of Great

* A visit to the lake in the pre-dawn or dawn hours to watch the mist rolling
off it.  It's one of the few times that Pennsic is anywhere near still and

* A visit to the Enchanted Ground.

* Scones fresh out of the oven at the Battlefield Bakery.

* Walking the war at night.  This has already been mentioned, but it's pure
magic.  A note:  most folks who are socializing in camp at night will
graciously accept polite guests.  One way to be a polite guest is to offer
largesse (beverages or other goodies). <g>

* The chocolate milk sold at the camp store.  Just trust me on this one.  :-)

Rhian <---who once delayed leaving Pennsic to head home for over an hour
because the camp store was out of chocolate milk but was expecting a delivery
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