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Re: Keep going !

Poster: Lady Emma <j4j4u4wm@coastalnet.com>

The Davidsons wrote:
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> >Subject: Keep going ! (was:Re: Just for fun... Add a line)
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> >Poster: Gramtera@aol.com
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> >Twas the weekend before Pennsic and all through the land,
> >> Every seamstress was sewing, every sewing machine manned;
> >
> >The pavilions and tables, all shoved in the cars, all gentles hoped that they
> >had enough garb,

more from emmie

Packing for sisters, former tuchux and lords
I've got enough crap to fill 4 fords.....

Armor and garb and coolers galore
Odin I don't think I can take anymore
If one more voice should fall on my ears
"Emma make this for me, you're a dear"
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