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Re: Kids at Pensic (was:History of a SCAdian)

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

I missed the earlier post on this, but just wanted to add that kids and
Pensic can work well.

I have 2 daughters, aged 3 1/2 and 14 months. This is Rowans 4th war and
Becca's 2nd. Rowan loves the SCA. SHe want to wear her garb around the house
and can't wait to live in the 'Tent House' for a week. She looks forward to
the puppet show, the swings, and of course the Chocholate Milk (The milk that
is a meal!!)

THe only real embarrasement we had was Rowan's talking about swimming naked
in her preschool class. Oops.

It is easy to do SCA with kids if your expectations are realistic. A little
red wagon (or equivalent) is a life savor, and lots of water, sunscreen and
an easy pace is a necessity. 

I love having my kids in the SCA. How many 3yr olds know the difference
between a knife (1 edge) and a dagger (2). Between a tent and a pavillion,
not to mention having the manners (most of the time) to say milord and

Just remember they are kids. They need amusements, and to be included. Not to
be dumped in a corner for others (willing or not) to deal with. A 3 yr old
can learn to drop spindle, paint favors, braid a belt, etc. Kids who are
'involved' rather than brought along are happier and better behaved. 

           My 2 sheckels worth,
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