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Re: Unpadded pole arms

Poster: blackbow@sprynet.com

On Fri, 01 Aug 1997, nix@iolinc.net (Tracy Malone) wrote:
>Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Tracy Malone)
>I have fought off and on since 1975 in most places in the world with
>several organization. I fight almost exclusively with a Polearm or
>Single sword (pre-Sca Martial arts background) I can destroy a
>cinderblock with a 7' unpadded staff but have never done more damage
>than some really colorful bruises with a padded polearm. 

[First, you must be really talented to bruise a cinderblock. ;>

Seriously, nobody's saying that a 7' polearm isn't more dangerous in the hands 
of an untrained/undisciplined person.  I think.]

An Unpadded
>staff is potentially fatal to light helms or underpadded chests or ribs.

[Light helm?  What is a light helm?  Who wears one on the field?  As for 
underpadded chests/ribs, you might be right on that one.  But bear in mind here 
that we're not necessarily looking to cave in our buddies' torsos.  AAMOF, we'd 
darn well better NOT be trying to.]

>I am especially concerned about leather gorets since the sword arm
>shoulder is a very inviting target. A few inches off or you opponent
>rotates and your into cervical vertabra

[Which had darn well better be covered with steel or at least a decent gorget.]


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon
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