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No Subject

Poster: Muir Dean <muirdean@mindspring.com>

Greetings to all on this list - 

I would like to invite all those heading to Pennsic for the second week of
war  and who are interested in learning to make Bobbin Lace or those who
already make any kind of lace to join me in Windmasters Hill's encampment
(see the Troll's map for our location on the serengetty with Clan Lurker)
Monday through Wednesday 1-3 p.m. and/or Thursday 2-4 pm.  After looking at
the class schedule for this war and noticing only one lace class on the
schedule (thanks to that marvelous lacemaker Lady Diedre)  I decided to go
ahead and try to teach, hoping that it is not to late to attract a few
students.  If there are no students I will still be making lace during those
hours as I have volunteered to make the next handkerchief for the lovely
Countess Ariel from the Arachne's Web Guild.  Students, lacers, spectators
and kibitzer's (sp?) welcome!

Francesca la Curiousa
Windmasters Hill, Atlantia
muirdean@mindspring.com for any questions

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